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Locke Rooms

A Victorian style chair sits in the corner surround by tall windows draped in delicate white lace.

About the Locke Rooms

The Locke Rooms are the sanctuary of the bride and her attendants.  This double room includes a dressing table for hair and make up, a beautiful antique wardrobe for hanging gowns and a brass bed for the bride to rest and de-stress before her walk down the grand staircase.

A nine-foot ceiling and massive windows make the Locke Rooms spacious and take you through a day of building expectations in a quiet Victorian setting. The eighteenth century fireplaces and beautiful wood trim throughout are cozy and warm. The Locke Rooms overlook three sides of the property, with a view expanding over wide fields of farmland to rising hills a mile distant, and a pleasant view of the Wicomico River towards Charles County.

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Freshen up in this bright, clean bathroom with a cast-iron claw foot tub.

A lovely bath area,  complete with claw-foot tub is available as well. 

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